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🎁 Gift a Summer Beehive 🎁

With our Host a Beehive- we bring our bees and hive to your location and we manage them all season and deliver the raw honey to you or your loved one. This is a ONE-SEASON (May-Oct. 2023) offer discounted just for the holiday season. May be extended month by month after for $59/Month.

Original Price: $1,007.00  SALE PRICE: $599.00

How it Works

Host-a-hive reservation.jpg


Once you submit your info and the host location, we make sure the hive meets the practical needs of the hive as well as the safety of neighbors. We will then also ensure local laws are met. 

sustainable beekeeper man.jpg

Install and Managment

Once approved, we will come out around May to install the hive(s) and bees and we will continue to manage the hive monthly to make sure they remain healthy and not a nuisance to the homeowner or neighbors.

Girl holding honey.jpg

We Deliver the Raw Honey

At the end of the year (around October) or beekeepers will remove the hive and bees as well as the honey and get it bottled for the homeowner so you can enjoy your own local raw honey (15-20lbs).

Getting Started

We are currently only offering this deal in a few markets in MN, and WI (see maps below). Simply fill out the form and let us know you are gifting this as a single season so we can quote you the correct amount and then provide both your address and the host site address. We will then get an analysis and quote together for you. Each purchase will include a PDF showing your purchase and something to include in a card showing the gift you have given. 

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