Corporate Host a Beehive- Setup Fee

This is required as a per hive one-time fee. Host the hive for as many months or years as you'd like. 


Included after deposit and ongoing $79/ month subscription (seperate):

1- Assesment

1- Any nedded permits (any permit fees or similar are an additional cost)

1- Fully assembeled beehive

1- Colony or treatment free friendly bees

1- Beekeeper for setup & maintaining each hive

Seasonal- Honey from hive*

1- Seasonal feeding

1- Winter preparation

1- Beehive stand (12" off ground)

1- Waterer


Any permit processing or similar is also included within the deposit, however any fees required for permits or similar shall be an additional fee.


Once you have paid the setup fee, you never need to pay for another as long as you continue to pay the monthly hosting fee (seperate). You can host the bees as long as you'd like and there is no minimum, so you can cancel anytime. 


*There are rare instances in which this is not possible due to weather, colony issues, etc. In these cases we will pull honey from another near hive to fulfill at least 15 lbs.

Note: Deposit in non-refundable after 20 days of purchase date.

Setup Fee- Corporate Host a Hive

  • There is a 20 day return policy and we have the right to refuse any location for any reason. If your location does not meet our basic requirements, your deposit will be returned. 

    Some jurisdictions require permits or fees, the processing of these permits are included, but any fees are not and will be a separate cost to this product. 

    An additional terms sheet will be sent upon purchase and must also be executed and sent back in a timely manner. 

    By purchasing this product, you agree to these and understand the agreement and return policy.