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Minnesota & Wisconsin Beekeepers

Host a Hive

We provide the hive, bees, and Beekeeper- Learn More

Bee Sales

From the beginning, we decided to develop our management and bee breeding around solid science. We raise mite-resistant bees that nature has selected as the winners. You can check them out on our honey bees for sale page.

Established in 2020-

We started right in our back-yard and quickly took our CEO's vision of establishing sound science to create a better beekeeping business looking to stregthen our bees and better their enviornment. 

A Bit About Kinnickinnic Bees

We are focused on breeding better bees that are designed by nature through natural selection. Honey bees are heavily treated to prop up genetics that simply cannot survive in nature by themselves because humans want traits that are fitting for only human needs. We prioritize mite resistance before all other aspects as long as they are gentle. 

We are also the leader in the Midwest with our Host a Beehive program for homeowners and businesses. We bring the bees to you, manage them, and give you the honey. We started this program back in 2020 and it has become the majority of our business. 

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