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Business- Host a Beehive

Host a Hive at your Business

Host a beehive at your business or corporate campus, helping demonstrate your business's commitment to the local environment and sustainability efforts while helping bring your team together. We have all sorts of business customers hosting beehives at small businesses, nurseries, large corporations, hospitals, and all in different locations like roofs, gardens, or dedicated bee spaces. 

Corporate Beekeeping

Some of Our Customers:


Host a Beehive at Your Business

We take care of everything with our corporate beehive hosting program. You can claim all the sustainability aspects of the bees on your site, plus you keep your own local honey. 

We have in-house professional graphic designers who will help brand your custom-labeled honey or incorporate your design onto one of our labels.

Rooftop honey beekeeping

Let's Get Your Business Started Hosting a Hive

Why Host a Beehive at your Business?

First, for the bees....... Pollinators are responsible for 35% of the food on your plate, and due to environmental and pest stressors, 50-25% of colonies each year perish. This is not a sustainable path, and we can help by increasing habitat and properly managing bee colonies.

Not only can your business demonstrate its sustainability commitment, but you will have custom labeled raw honey to share with whom ever you choose.

Honey Bee

Help save the bees. Each rented beehive helps increase the bee population. Up to 40% of bee colonies die each year from Colony Collapse Disorder (CDC).

Local Raw Honey

Produce Local Honey. Around 70% of the honey in the USA is imported. Raw Honey is also known for its health benefits and is low on the glycemic index. 

Pollinating honey bee

Bees are responsible for pollinating 1 out of 3 bites on your dinner plate. Without them we loose some of our favorite foods. 

Save the Bees Icon

We raise treatment free bees, and focus on local beekeeping and never ship our bees off for pollination services.

How it Works

We put a placement plan together that fits your needs as a steward, plus the needs of the bees. Once we have a plan in place, our beekeepers place the bees and equipment on your grounds or rooftop. We then manage the bees for months or years to come, and your business keeps the honey each season. Some of the other services we provide include:

  • Team Building in-hive events

  • Custom labeled honey jars

  • Habitat plans and execution

  • Praire restoration services

  • Custom Beekeeping Gear

  • and More.....

Custom Honey Bottling

What's Included

When you host a beehive, it includes:

Rent a beehive

Beehives- new beehive equipment w/ local honey bees. You will receive 1 of 3 types of apis mellifera. Any additional hive equipment needed through the year is also included. 

Hive Inspections

Our beekeepers do routine checks on the hives and reports on their behavior and health. They will put action plans together to help keep your beehive humming along.


We provide you with an expert beekeeper that will visit your beehive on scheduled visits to help keep care of your bees.

Raw Honey

Raw Honey! One of the best parts of hosting a beehive, you get your own local honey. We guarantee (20) 12oz glass jars full of your hives honey*. Custom-labeled jars also available.

*In rare cases the hive will not produce enough to fulfill the honey with your honey. In those cases we will use our raw honey from other hives.

Let's Get Your Company Started

Get started with a hosted beehive for your business. We work directly with your City/County on permitting or any necessary paperwork and beehive limits.  Hurry space is limited and the season starts in the middle of April 2024.


12-Month Minimum Commitment: Keep the bees as long as you'd like after that or cancel anytime for any reason. Visit our Commercial Host a Beehive Terms

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