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Wisconsin honey bee farm

WI Manage Beehives-
Our Host a Hive Program 

Wisconsin is our home base and our host a beehive program started here back in 2020 and we have grown our service to help homeowners, businesses, schools, and corporate campuses keep bees on their property. The program is simple...... You host the hive, we manage it, and you keep the honey!

Host a Hive at yourHome or Business


Find out if our program fits with your WI property.

Let's see if your residence, property, business, hobby farm, corporate campus, or similar meets our rent-a-beehive requirements for our WI crew. Some Cities and townships require special permits, and we will help walk through all the hurdles in keeping bees at your location. 


Service Area in Wisconsin

sustainable beekeeper man
Wisconsin beekeeper service area map

We provide our host a hive program in 3 areas of Wisconsin. Our full-service rent a beehive (hive hosting) is a great way to participate in bettering your local environment and offer a sustainability approach to your property, business, or school.


We Service Western WI as well as Madison and the Milwaukee area. Fill out our form to see if we are able to service your location and then check out the terms of service.

Some of our Customers:


List of Our Service Counties in WI

  • Eau Claire County

  • Pierce County

  • St. Croix County

  • Chippewa County

  • Dunn County

  • Pepin County

  • Racine County

  • Buffalo County

  • Dane County

  • Jefferson County

  • Waukesha County

  • Ozaukee County

  • Milwaukee County

  • Washington County

How Host a Hive Works

WI Host a beehive analysis


Our expert beekeepers provide a site analysis to verify your site in Wisconsin's eligibility.

WI Beehive installation


After location approval and any permitting, our treatment-free bees and hive arrive.

Professional WI Beekeepers


Our professional WI beekeepers provide year-round bee health and hive health inspections.  

WI raw honey


We harvest the hives honey and provide you with raw honey right from your own local community. 

Host a WI beehive

Residential Services

Expert Beekeeper
Assigned WI Beekeeper trained to manage treatment-free hives properly.
Manages colonies for friendly healthy honey bees that are WI hardy.
Custom-designed hives are managed every 4-6 weeks during the season.

Custom Reports
Each visit will be followed up with a colony report.
Reports on what flowers and trees help local pollinators in your area.

Honey Harvesting
Each hive is guaranteed to yield 15 pounds of raw local WI honey*
*We may need to let the bees keep their own honey to stay healthy and in those rarer instances we will pull honey from another local honey with excess to fulfil the 15 pounds. 

Site Analysis

Our honey bees are incredibly friendly and though we actively manage the hive for gentleness, special care is taken into account when deciding if a location is appropriate to have an active hive. Our site analysis takes all of this into account, as well as any local or state of Wisconsin regulations (like Milwaukee's or Madison's) on the placement of a beehive. In our initial analysis, we consider your goals as well as the safety of the environment and recommend a location that is appropriate and meets any local or WI laws. To see if your property in Western WI, Madison, or the Milwaukee area qualifies fill out the assessment form.

Site Analysis

Bees and Hive Installation

The state of WI has a wide fluctuation of temperature throughout the year, and we have custom-made hives that closely mimic a tree hollow's insulation value and air-flow. This is helping make our bees healthier and survive the hot humid Summers as well as the bitterly cold Winters and other hive situations where standard hives fail. Once Spring or early Summer has arrived we will place the hive in a location that was agreed upon in our analysis and then place the colony of bees and their queen.

Hive Installation

Beekeeper Visits and Inspections

On average, each hive will get inspected each month during the season based on its need and our management strategy. Each hive is unique and often is met with several challenges a year. In the case that new bees are needed we will provide whatever is needed to ensure a properly active hive. Our local WI beekeepers are friendly and always willing to answer questions regarding the hive(s) you are hosting.

Honey Harvest

At the end of each season, your beekeeper will prepare the hive you're hosting for the cold WI Winter and also remove any excess honey the bees collected over the season. We guarantee 15 pounds of raw local WI honey that comes from your neighborhoods nectar sources. We track all the honey and make sure the honey you receive is actually from your hive* and we place that honey in custom smaller containers for you to enjoy or gift to friends, family, customers, employees, or anyone else you want. 

*There are rarer cases in which we cannot pull all 15 pounds off your hive to ensure bee health (it's their winter food) and in those cases, we pull excess honey from another local hive to fulfill the 15 pounds.

Beekeeper Visits
Honey Harvest

Why Host a Beehive in WI?

When you host one of our hives it helps strengthen the honey bees while they help pollinate your plants, trees, and shrubs while making that delicious local raw honey. Wisconsin honey is one of the best tasting, due to our unique floral options within the state.

treatment free bees WI

Help save the bees. Each hosted beehive helps increase the bee population. Up to 40% of bee colonies die each year from Colony Collapse Disorder (CDC).

produce your own WI honey

Produce Local Honey. Around 70% of the honey in the USA is imported. Raw Honey is also known for its health benefits and is low on the glycemic index. 

Pollinator Friendly Plants

Bees are responsible for pollinating 1 out of 3 bites on your dinner plate. Without them we loose some of our favorite foods. 

WI treatment free bees

We raise treatment free bees, and focus on local beekeeping and never ship our bees off for pollination services.

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