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Below is a list of common questions. Please feel free to contact us if you need further help.

  • Where does Kinnickinnic Bees Operate our host a hive?
    We are currently operating in the following areas- Twin Cities, MN - (60 Miles surrounding) Western Wisconsin- (Siren, WI to Eau Claire, down to Wabasha) MIlwaukee, WI (40 Miles surrounding) Madison, WI (40 Miles surrounding) We do have reservation list started for additional areas in MN, WI and IL. So submit your information and we may be able to provide services outside of the listed ones above.
  • How much space does a hive need?
    The hives do not need much space. They take up approximately the same area as a couple shoe boxes. We do need a 6' area around the hive so the bees can fly over any near objects. We can do a site assesment to determine eligibility of our host a hive by filling out our assesment form.
  • How long do I need to host a hive?
    Residential- We have no minimum for residential customers and you can host the hive for as many months or years as you'd like. Corporate- We have a 12 month minimum to make sure our bees are settled. After the 12 months, you can keep them as long as you would like. Once you have reserved your hive, you will only have a small monthly fee to keep them and get the honey from the hive each year to enjoy yourself or gift to your favorite peeps. We do make exceptions for hives that are creating a potential problem or liabiltiy previously unforseen.
  • What other services does Kinnickinnic Bees provide?
    Besides our host a hive, we offer typical beekeeper services, such as- Local only pollination (see service areas) Land use agreements for our honey product Bee Nucs- Local VSH bees will be for sale starting in 2021
  • How many hives can I host?
    We break each location down to urban and rural. These are our general guidlines and in some cases we are able to modify them based on a per case scenerio or local regulations: Residential- Urban- 2 hives Rural- 20 hives Corporate Urban- Depends on locations Contact Us for more info. Rural- As many as you'd like and we feel is an appropriate number of hives.
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