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We created the easiest way for you to keep bees at your property that give you your very own local raw honey. WE DO EVERYTHING.

Our team manages your hosted hive at your home or business with plans tailor made for your specific property and needs in conjunction with any local government requirements or permits.

Select Your Location-

You Host the Hive- We Help the Bees Transform the Community

-How it Works-
Host a beehive analysis


Our expert beekeepers provide a site analysis to verify your sites eligibility.

Beehive installation


After location approval and any permitting, our treatment free bees arrive.

Professional Beekeepers


Our professional beekeepers provide year round bee health and hive health inspections.  

Rent a beehive

Honey Harvest-

We harvest the hives honey and provide you with raw honey right from your own community. 

Request an Analysis

Honey Bee Facts-

Local Raw Honey


Your Food

1 out of 3 items on your plate are thanks to pollinators like the honey bee. Without pollination, products like apples, almonds, raspberries, watermelons, and hundreds more foods would not exist.

The Bees


The bees are in trouble, we are loosing up to 65% of colonies per year. They need our help managing them back to health with increases in pollinator habitat and decreases in pesticide use. 

Looking to Help?

We are determined on helping the bees through sound management and intentional bee breeding stock that is not reliant upon the chemicals beekeepers have turned into normal practice.

Even if you are not hosting a hive, you can still help buy purchasing some of our other products or raw honey. All which help us grow our business with our Sustainable Beekeeping model.


We say NO to all chemicals in our hives. Why? Because science is showing that chemicals may actually be hurting the bees long term in producing weaker bees and stronger pests. 

Plus, all of those chemicals end up in your honey. And we don't know about you, but we want less chemicals in our food and more flavor.

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