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Queen Bees for Sale

We sell queen bees from several stocks and suppliers, including our over-wintered VSH treatment-free queens. We believe strongly in diverse stock and genes with deliberate selection over time. For more information on our strategy, you can read about it here


All our queens are very limited, and if you do see one you are interested in, we have a request in stock we use as a sort of pre-order list. So if you are interested in our honey bee queens, be sure to sign-up for updates under each product. Our priority in queens is:


  1. VSH Qualities

  2. Gentleness

  3. Honey Production

  4. Pest and Disease Resistance

  5. Climate Tolerant 

mn wi beekeepers.jpg


We sell most of our queens as a pre-order only. We do this so you get the queens as soon as possible, to help ensure their survival. Most of our queen bees for sale are sold as virgins and you will need to ensure your area or hive has drones present to mate with the queen in the first couple of weeks of her arrival. 


The mated queens we sell are currently open mated in selected yards so we can control the quality and traits of the drones that she mates with. 

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