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Host a beehive

RESIDENTIAL- Host a Beehive

Host a Beehive in Your Backyard

Have you ever wanted honey bees, but didn't know where to get started or have the time to manage them?

We've solved that problem........ We provide homeowners with the opportunity to increase crop pollination and harvest their own raw honey, all while helping save the bees.

Rent a Beehive

Why Host a Beehive?

Our beekeepers and bees do all the work, you keep the honey. Your property helps save the bees while they help pollinate your plants, trees, and shrubs while making that delicious local raw honey.

treatment free bees

Help save the bees. Each rented beehive helps increase the bee population. Up to 40% of bee colonies die each year from Colony Collapse Disorder (CDC).

produce your own honey

Produce Local Honey. Around 70% of the honey in the USA is imported. Raw Honey is also known for its health benefits and is low on the glycemic index. 

pollinate your plants

Bees are responsible for pollinating 1 out of 3 bites on your dinner plate. Without them we loose some of our favorite foods. 

treatment free bees

We raise treatment free bees, and focus on local beekeeping and never ship our bees off for pollination services.

How it Works

Once signed up, we install the hive(s) with our treatment-free bees, and then we manage them all summer and fall with our beekeeper visits. Once the bees have made enough honey, we will harvest and bottle your own local honey from your hosted hive. Along with your hive hosting package we offer additional upgrade products, such as-

  • Custom labeled honey jars

  • Native habitat seed mixtures

  • Praire restoration services

  • Your own Beekeeping Gear

  • and More.....

Honey bee pollinating flower

What's Included

When you host a beehive, it includes (Host a Hive Terms):

Rent a beehive

Beehives- new beehive equipment w/ local honey bees. You will receive 1 of 3 types of apis mellifera. Any additional hive equipment needed through the year is also included. 

Hive Inspections

Our beekeepers do routine checks on the hives and reports on their behavior and health. They will put action plans together to help keep your beehive humming along.


We provide you with an expert beekeeper that will visit your beehive on scheduled visits to help keep care of your bees.

Raw Honey local

Raw Honey! One of the best parts of hosting a beehive, you get your own local honey. We guarantee 15 pounds honey out of your hives honey*. Custom labeled jars also available.

*In some cases the hive will not produce enough to fulfill the honey with your honey. In those cases we will use our raw honey from other hives.

Basic Site Requirements

Along with any local government requirements, we require the following:

​Urban/ Suburban Areas

  • Hives must be placed no closer than 20 feet from all property lines.

  • It is preferable to have flyaway zones that make the bees fly over a tall bush or similar to get them flying 6+ feet or higher as soon as possible.

  • We have a maximum of 2 colonies (2 rent a beehives). This helps keep competition low.

  • Neighbors must be notified of the future addition of bees. This is required in most areas, but is also good neighborly behavior. We can help you with the notification letter.

  • Property must be accessible 24/7 or we must have access 24/7 for our routine visits or emergencies.

  • Rooftops are a per case assessment.  

Rural Areas

  • Hives must be placed no closer than 20 feet from all property lines.

  • We may require that electric fencing is also required with the subscription.

  • There is a maximum of 20 hives for rural. If you would like more, we offer Land Use Agreements for larger amounts of hives. 

  • Property must be accessible 24/7 or we must have access 24/7 for our routine visits or emergencies.

  • Hive placement must be 50 feet away from any area that could be sprayed by farmers or similar.

Build Your Hosted Beehive

Get started with hosting a beehive for your backyard. Limit 2 for urban settings and (20) for rural areas. You can also select optional add-on services now or during the season. Hurry space is limited and the season starts in the middle of April.

Purchase instructions- You must first purchase the "Reservation", then once the hives are placed we will contact you to begin the monthly subscription. There is no limit on how long you can keep the bees and there is no obligation, cancel anytime for any reason. 

Residential Hosting Form

We Can Help Sign You Up

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