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Honey Bee Winter Patties w/ Honey-B Healthy- 10 Pounds

Honey Bee Winter Patties w/ Honey-B Healthy- 10 Pounds

SKU: M0016010PHW

Winter Patties AP23 are a feed high in carbohydrates for honeybee colonies that have low stores during the winter months. The ingredients of the patties include:

  • Sugar
  • AP23
  • Honey-B-Healthy.


The patties are an alternative to Candy Boards and can be used during winter and early spring. The bees accept the patties easily, and they are convenient for all beekeepers.


However, storing the patties in a cool and dry place is essential as they may melt in high temperatures. The product remains good for use but can be messy to work with. The patties do not contain any bee by-products, and to feed the bees, place the patty on top of the brood chamber, directly on top of the frames. The patties can be left in the wax paper, and each pack contains ten (10) patties.


The patties are not available for shipping outside the 50 US States & WILL NOT SHIP IN TEMPERATURES ABOVE 75ºF..

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