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WI package bees for sale

Wisconsin Package Bees for Sale

Kinnickinnic Bees was born in River Falls, WI, and we continue to grow. We offer to ship packaged bees everywhere in Wisconsin and offer pickup in River Falls, WI. Wisconsin is known for its cheese and was once know for its honey bee colonies. Our home state can be challenging for colonies due to its extreme weather, but those summers offer so much forage for those strong colonies. 

Why We Think Our Bee Packages are the Best in Wisconsin

Our bee packages are mite-resistant and come from breeder queens from Latshaw Apiaries who focus on hygienic behavior, gentle temperament, and good honey production. The result is durable queens that have lasted into their 5th year (Read that again) while doing so with no treatment (That's Right!). It is not only a good choice for backyard beekeepers but also for your bee business.

Wisconsin is one of the colder places in the United States, making it a location to challenge even the most experienced beekeeper. That's why buying bee packages with cold weather hardy honey bees are so important. With Wisconsin weather, winter temperatures can get down below -40ºF the winter and summers can easily blast 100ºF, so its important that package bees for sale are up for the task to make your backyard hive or small commercial operation successful. An insulated hive wouldn't hurt either, though. 😉

Our Bees for Sale in Wisconsin 

We run our own operation treatment-free, so selling bees that come off almonds, which are stressed, and have been heavily treated to keep them alive, isn't exactly our cup of tea. Most of the packages bees sold throughout Wisconsin are managed as a commodity, and we decided to offer something higher in quality and more aligned with our principles. So we are happy to provide package bees for sale that have mite-resistant* qualities.

*Unless you are a treatment-free beekeeper or know what to look for, we recommend continuing your management strategies. However, these bees are a good choice in starting your treatment-free strategies.

Queen bee in Wisconsin package

Queen Quality

Each of our WI packages for sale is provided with a newly mated queen that is the offspring of a breeder queen from Latshaw. Many of these breeder queens are in the 5th year of production while being treatment-free.

Healthy bee packages for sale

Brood Health

Brood health is critical to a hives success. Having pest and mite resistant bees makes a huge difference in the amount of success your bees will have. Whether you treat or not, mite resistant bees will raise your success rate.

WI swarming bees for sale

Reduced Swarming

Swarming is the natural response to honey bees spreading their genes (Tom Seeley would agree). However, this is not convenient for the beekeeper. So we have selected bees that have a better suppression of swarming. 

WI honey production from live bees

Honey Production

Keeping bees in WI is fun, but the "sweet" reward at the end of the year surely is the raw honey. Our bees are certainly capable of satisfying a commercial beekeeper, and you would be really happy with their honey production.

Gentle bees for sale in Wisconsin

Friendly Bees

No one I know likes to work mean bees. And this quality is one of the most important for Kinnickinnic Bees. So all of our bee packages for sale in WI come from some of the most gentle hives. 

Each package varies, but we do our best to the source to meet these qualities.

Foraging bees in WI

Foraging Behavior

Native and honey bees have been under the pressure of less bee habitat. Therefore, buying bee packages in WI that are geared towards foraging Wisconsin habitat is one of the key's to successful bee colonies.

Wisconsin Bee packages for sale

Package Bees for Sale in Wisconsin

What our Customers are Saying-

Pickup or Shipping WI Bee Packages

We are located in western WI where we were born out of our own backyard bee packages in 2018. We are now one of the areas leading bee package suppliers with our hybrid mite-resistant bee packages. We will ship to any spot in Wisconsin and offer pickup in River Falls, WI. 

We have put a list together of some of Wisconsin Cities rules on beekeeping

WI Bee package pickup location
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