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ProtectaBEE Beehive Entrance

Swarm and Anti-Robbing Device

The ProtectaBEE® system caters to both new and experienced beekeepers. Its innovative design features removable inserts that slide in on either side for easy customization according to your hive's needs. Beekeepers' feedback prompted the development of additional inserts that can function as robbing screens, entrance reducers, hive closures, and even small hive beetle traps. This valuable input led to the creation of the ProtectaBEE™ system as a versatile all-in-one solution, launched before bee vectoring powders became available.

Explore the ProtectaBEE Lineup

Add the ProtectaBEE® product to your hives to help increase the productivity and protection of your bees. Don't forget to add any additional inserts like the must-have Swarm Stopper!

Interview w/ ProtectaBEE® Founder Erica Shelley
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