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Insulated Hives are Simply Better for Honey Bees

Beekeeping is easier with insulated hives. Honeybees have evolved over millions of years to seek nest sites in tree hollows that are FAR from the conditions we as beekeepers provide in standard traditional beehives like the Langstroth hives. As many scientific studies have shown and observations from scientists, such as Tom Seeley, have shown that small entrances and well-insulated condensing hives are far healthier for bees and their colonies.

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The Science Behind Insulated Bee Hives 

Bees when given a choice will most often select a tree hollow to start their new colony and an insulated hive performs in several ways a tree hollow would. Unlike a standard Langstroth hive, the insulated hives we sell provide-

  • Almost 7X better insulating factor than 3/4" pine wood hives

  • Far less drafts through the hive

  • Hives with much steadier conditions in the hive

  • An increase in CO2 within the hive, which is linked with lower mite counts

  • Less Winter food consumption, for better overwintering odds

  • Far Better hive climate regulation, the bees control what they want

A study worth reading-

Buy Insulated Beehives-
Your Bees Will Thank You

We have HiveIQ's insulated honey bee hives for sale. We offer their popular kits as well as accessories to customize your insulated beehive setup.

Insulated Hive Features

Better insulation

6 x greater insulation than traditional timber hives for a stable temperature throughout
the year, keeps the colony warm in winter and cool in summer to improve survival.

Improved Queen Excluder

Integrated metal queen excluder within the hive body walls, allowing the honey super to securely fit onto the brood box and create a seal between the two boxes.


Resistant to dry rot and termites, its 360-degree protective edge allows the hive tool to be inserted anywhere around the hive body without causing damage and prevents pests from entering between.

Ventilated Floor

The aluminum perforated floor enhances ventilation, allowing the colony to regulate air quality, manage airflow, and control humidity within the hive for healthy bees.


Our EPS hives are half the weight of traditional timber hives and fit six wide on a truck for easier transportation, leading to a more productive beekeeping experience.

3 Stage Entrance

Can be configured to optimise colony security, enhance in/out traffic and provide a flat floor to enable fast removal of debris such as dead bees, chalk brood and pests.

Mouse Guard

Our hives, which are also dry rot and termite proof, incorporate a protective feature that prevents mice from accessing the hive.

Integrated agritech

This software provides beekeepers with the tools to track and oversee all aspects of their beekeeping practice, putting essential hive management data at their fingertips.

Pollen collector

Seamlessly integrates with our pollen collection system that fits neatly into the HiveIQ base and is easily accessible without disturbing the hive.

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