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Host a Hive- Terms of Service

Updated 3/10/2023

Terms of Service-


As a benefit of hosting a hive for us, you will get fifteen to twenty pounds of honey per hive/ year when the bees have a surplus of honey to harvest. If the hive fails or does not make enough stores to survive the winter, you will receive fifteen to twenty pounds of honey from one of the other hives in our program. Only in rare cases beyond our control, the amount of honey delivered may be less than 15 or 20 pounds per hive.


All of our honeybee colonies are treatment free, which means we do not use any pesticides or chemicals inside the hive. Honey from these hives is raw and free of beekeeper-applied additives, just as nature intended.


You agree not to spray any pesticides or chemicals in your yard or garden, which also includes tree care, lawn care companies, fungicides, herbicides, etc., within the proximity of the hive or their forage area under your control. Unfortunately, these things can kill or harm bees. Even at nonlethal levels, they may be stored by the bees in the hive, and pesticide buildup inside the hive is not healthy for the bees.




There is no minimum term, and Kinnickinnic Bees or its Partners/ Holding Company may also cancel the agreement for any reason.


This agreement shall be in place for a minimum of 12 months. If the host requests the removal of the service for other than a breach of contract, the Host shall be liable for the remaining subscription or costs associated with expenditures of add-on services for the duration of the 12 months. After 12 months, the agreement shall be in place from a month-to-month standpoint until canceled. There is no maximum length to the agreement, and Beekeeper may cancel the agreement any time after the 12 months with the obligation to Host of honey in a pro-rated format. Beekeepers and Host(s) are also responsible for a 30-day cancellation notification to other parties.


Upon executing this agreement, you understand that the bees and all beekeeping equipment are the sole property of Kinnickinnic Bees and shall be treated as such for the duration of this contract. Upon request for their removal, Kinnickinnic Bees will make an effort to remove or relocate the hives in a timely manner that is dependent on weather, schedule, and other items affecting the timing.


The host is: You or Whom you are employed by and representing.


Beekeeper is: Kinnickinnic Bees



Once bees are on-site, they will begin pollinating nearby plants and trees. We cannot guarantee results from the bees as they will forage as they see fit. We will, however, try to maximize the bees to fit the property and under our ability and supply of such bees and equipment. It is understood by the Host and Beekeeper  that this agreement is subject to the following conditions:


  1. This agreement is non-transferable.

  2. Prior to the effective date of this agreement, the Beekeeper or Host shall submit for approval to the Host or Beekeeper a plan describing the intended placement and construction of any items on the subject lands. No deviation from the agreed-upon plan shall be allowed except with the approval of the Host. Unless agreed upon, placement of the hives must allow for a beekeeper's truck to get within 100’ of the hives.

  3. The beekeeper shall be granted access to the hives at any given time. This occasionally will be during the evening hours if needed. The beekeeper will do its best to give advance notice to Host of its planned visits so as to be as least disturbing as possible to the Host and their operations.

  4. No cutting or trimming of trees shall be done unless approved by the Host.

  5. All marketing material, logos, claims, or such belong to the party that owns or supplies them. Any partnering or joint marketing efforts shall be identified by both parties through some form of recorded communication, such as email or similar.

  6. All signs, postings, and other markers shall be approved by the Host.

  7. Upon termination of this agreement. All beekeeping material shall be removed from the Host’s site unless discussed otherwise.

  8. The Beekeeper shall maintain the hives under this agreement in a safe condition at all times practical and known.

  9. The Beekeeper agrees to protect, indemnify and hold harmless the Host, its agents, and employees from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, liability, and expense, by reason of loss or damage to any property or bodily injury to any person whatsoever, that may arise from the construction and placement of objects on the described land and from the maintenance or use of the described land.

  10. Host agrees to hold harmless the Beekeeper and its owners, agents, employees, and similar from any claims, suits, liability, and expense by reason of loss or damage to any property or bodily injury to any person whatsoever that may arise from the construction and placement of objects on the described land and from the maintenance or use of the described land.

  11. The Beekeeper shall not permit any activity outside of beekeeping and its normal activity associated with such.

  12. This agreement does not give the Beekeeper, its members, or its agents any rights pertaining to hunting, fishing, or trapping: and the rights remain under the control of the Host.

  13. The Beekeeper shall not unnecessarily disturb wildlife or wildlife habitat.

  14. The area covered by this agreement is open for use to all members, owners, and staff of the beekeeping business.

  15. Any and all disputes arising under the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with Chapter 298 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

  16. In connection with the performance of any work under the agreement, the Beekeeper agrees not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of age handicap, physical condition, developmental disability, race, religion, sex, color or national origin, regarding employment, upgrading, demotion or transfer, recruitment or recruitment advertising, lay-off or termination, rates of pay or other forms of compensation, and selection for training, including apprenticeship. The Permittee agrees to take affirmative action to ensure equal employment opportunities for persons with physical disabilities.

  17. The Beekeeper agrees to not disclose the specific location of the hives to anyone outside of this agreement or for the necessity of managing the beehives or for any legal obligation of reporting to governing bodies.

  18. The beekeeper will not be responsible for any damage done to the soil conditions as a result of vehicle traffic to the hive locations. The beekeeper will do its best job to avoid poor conditions for driving on soil unless the health of the hive is at risk or for public safety.

  19. The area covered by this agreement is outlined in the purchase through at the Host’s address. The location(s) of the hives shall be determined by the Host upon agreement by the Beekeeper. Beekeeper shall have truck access directly next to hive location and shall be able to place a temporary electrified fence around each location if deemed necessary by Beekeeper for protection from livestock or wildlife.

  20. The host may request relocation of hives upon a 15-day notice and only once per calendar year unless agreed upon by the Beekeeper.

  21. Host understands and, by executing this document or purchasing the product described as host a hive, agrees that Beekeeper is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injury incurred by Bees or any Beekeeping activities that are NOT OBVIOUSLY negligence on the part of the Beekeeper. They shall also agree to settle all disputes through Arbitration. The host also agrees to pay all fees if they initiate Arbitration, including the Host's own attorneys fees. The host also understands that Arbitration replaces your right to a jury trial or anything similar in civil proceedings. You also agree that under Arbitration, no matter the outcome, you will pay for your own attorney's fees. 

For a written version of these terms, you may request it via email from or through your management portal. 

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