2 of 3- Grafting Queen Bees-

Grafting Italian and Carniolan queens in this episode and things go bad. But we pivot and turn a disaster into a success.

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2nd Part of Grafting Italian and Carniolan Queens


So this is part two of three on grafting queens, it's been about 30 hours or so since I placed those frames in that stirred colony, so we're gonna dive in there, take a look and see how the development of these cells is gone right now I expect to see around the cup, the nurse bees and workers kind of starting to work around the cup and start forming the addition to the cup with their wax.

So I'm gonna dive in, it's right, that's the colony right there, I left those frames out. So the bees could clean them up. And I would just go to waste. Otherwise they sit to my garage and the bees find them. I come out and there's like 1000 bees in my garage.

It's a beautiful day, I think it's 83 or 84. It's not quite as humid as yesterday, but it's good to see it's just brilliantly sunny so and not too windy, which hopefully the bees will be nice. So let's jump into it.

It Goes Bad

Alright, so the start colony. bee population isn't huge in here. We don't want some additional bees in here off of a frame, which will give us hopefully mostly workers from one of our strong colonies. And we did that a day before putting those up EZBZ cups with on frames in here. So we'll open this up, see where it's at. We have a honey super area, we really don't need one right now.

The size is pretty low population wise. So we'll see all the skills I have bring a tool so hopefully this goes all right. So it can see none of the bees are on them. It looks like they might have started to work some. Looks like maybe they were starting to build them out but the cups are dry as can be. So it's likely we didn't do a good job of putting the starter colony together, which kind of sucks but, it is what it is. Same with this one. So I'm going to look around see if maybe they stole kind of some of the eggs from tried to put them in their own Queen cups.

Now see anything so what I'm gonna do with this one is I'm actually gonna hit the reset button. I'm just gonna have to put these frames back in here and then reset it. That's kind of a bummer. But it happens. So one of the things I may do is I've got two really strong hives. They're the ones I grafted out of and we do we manage varroa mite primarily through splits. Never used chemicals to today, not even once, for treating aroma, which we've had some large losses initially but A lot of the Queen's that we have now are a strong, they've made it through the winter, even without the treatment. So that's good. That's what we're trying to grow off of. I think I mentioned that in the first videos the Italian was one that made it through the winter and then we're switching over to carnies.