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BULK 3lb Honey Bee Packages- Italian/Carniolan Hybrid

BULK 3lb Honey Bee Packages- Italian/Carniolan Hybrid


Available for 2024 Pre-Order- Expected End of April


BULK Discounted Packages sold in 5 package increments- Each item includes 5 packages ($149.80 Ea.)


Our 3 lb package honey bees are from mite-resistant breeder queens out of Latshaw Apiaries in Ohio, which focuses on hygienic behavior, gentle temperament, and good honey production. Many of the breeder queens have survived and were productive into their 5th year! Available mid-April to early May and weather-dependent for beekeepers in IA, IL, OH, MI, MO, MN, SD, and WI. These package bees are a hybrid cross-bred between an Italian and carniolan.


The resulting daughter queens are half Italian and half Carniolan. The characteristics of the resulting hybrid daughter queens tend to favor the queenside of the cross.  These queens are real “workhorses” and are very popular among commercial beekeepers.  They combine many desirable qualities from each strain and work well as a dual-purpose bee for honey production and pollination. 


All orders, unless Shipping is paid for, are for pickup. The location will be in River Falls, WI. Further details on the exact location and procedures will be disclosed before pickup.  We are tentatively scheduled to ship out and offer pickup planned in mid-April 2024. 


  • Shipping Guarantees

    We do everything in our power to ensure when the bees leave us, they stand the best chance to make it to your possession alive and with vigor. However, as soon as we hand them off to the shipper, we cannot guarantee how they are treated, weather, unforeseen acts or incidences, or the speed at which they get to you beyond any shipping guarantees backed by the shipper. We cannot guarantee the bees or queen if shipped, and we will do what we reasonably can in a case-by-case situation. These case-by-case situations are at the full descretion of us and are no guarantee to help in a case that results in dead bees or similar. Please reach out with your concerns or incidences, and we will see if we can help. By purchasing the product, you acknowledge you agree to these terms and our other terms located throughout our site and located in our footers.

  • Terms and Conditions

    The bees are my responsibility once they leave Kinnickinnic Bees possession. Kinnickinnic Bees is not responsible if my bees develop diseases, contract pests, swarm, die, or perform less than my expectations. I understand I am responsible for caring for them from this day forward, and I will not hold anyone liable for any reason concerning the bees received from Kinnickinnic Bees or any affiliates, staff, or similar.


    Upon inspecting my bees within 7 days of acquisition, if they are discovered to be less than healthy or otherwise unsatisfactory, I agree to contact Kinnickinnic Bees directly and discuss the issue to work out a reasonable solution (eg. reduced cost order, free shipping, etc).


    I release Kinnickinnic Bees/ Parent Company(s)/ Staff/ Owners (them) from all liability relating to injuries that may occur while picking up bees or handling bees from them and agree not to bring a lawsuit against them for any reason.


    I understand that bees are preferred pickup and will not be delivered to me from Kinnickinnic Bees if it is deemed undeliverable for any reason.  I understand that my pickup location and pickup date are critical to the quality of my bees.  I understand that there may be a restocking fee if I change my pickup location or pickup date.

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