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2024 Bee Order Reservation

2024 Bee Order Reservation

Reserve Your bees Now to save 20%- Available until 4/30/2024


Spring of 2024, we are offering three different types of live bees again this year with a few changes. You will be able to select from the following products-


- 3 LB Packages of bees with a Hybrid (Carni/Italian) queen- SALE PRICE $175.00


- 2 LB Packages of bees with a Hybrid (Carni/Italian) queen- SALE PRICE $157.00


- 5-Frame Nuc with 2-3 frames of brood, 1-2 frames resources, and Hybrid queen (1 frame could be foundation only)- SALE PRICE $215.00


- BULK 3 LB Packages sold in 5 package chunks (1 item is 5- 3 LB packages)- $749.00


- BULK 2 LB Packages sold in 5 package chunks (1 item is 5- 2 LB packages)- $690.80


Our 2024 live bee packages and nucs are mite-resistant bee stock bred off breeder queens from Latshaw Apiaries. These bees have demonstrated, and most score well when tested for their hygienic behavior and survivability in a treatment-free environment. Many of the queens breeding are into their 5th productive year without any treatments! If that isn't a mite-resistant bee, we may need to rethink some things.


All queens are newly mated in Winter yards in Northern Texas from Winter hardy genetics. The queens are direct descendants of treatment-free and mostly treatment-free queens. These gentle bees perform amazingly well, being hybrids as they have the great characteristics of Italians and Carniolans. Unlike many bees from down South or out West, the queen's genetics come from OH and have cold-weather tolerance. They are also very gentle.


If your bees have struggled due to poor performance, give these bees a try. We think you will not be disappointed by their gentleness, seasonal adaptation, foraging ability, and pest tolerance.


Last Years Reviews-

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ John C.-

"Quick and easy to find pick up location. The guys were friendly and our bees are super calm and easy to work with. Would highly recommend Kinnickinnic Bees to anyone!"


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Anne M.-

"This is the first year we have purchased bees from Kinnickinnic and couldnt be happier .The pick up process was so easy. We are amazed at how calm the bees are and so easy to work with. Bees are doing great and we just added our second box."



We offer shipping of packages to IA, IL, IN, OH, MI, MO, MN, SD, and WI, as well as offer local pickup in River Falls, WI. All Nucs are pickup-only preferred, as we had issues with shipping Nucs last year. If you need us to ship them, we can. However, there is a higher shipping cost, so that we can put the ProNucs™ in a custom-vented cardboard box.


By purchasing this product, you understand you are only reserving your product, and the reservation cost will be deducted from the purchased product, and final payment will be due ~30 days before delivery. Reservation deposits are non-refundable, and by purchasing, you agree to all the terms and conditions.

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