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HiveIQ Pollen trap- Pollen collection tray for insulated hive

Pollen Collector Kit- HiveIQ Insulated Hive


The HiveIQ Pollen Collection System is a beekeeping tool designed to help collect and study pollen from bee hives. It has a handle to operate the pollen collector, reducing disruption to the hive. The system includes a tray that fits onto the varroa boards at the bottom of the hive base for easy collection. It's made with durable materials for longevity and is easy to install and use.


Simply remove the blank plate in the hive base and replace it with the insulated hives pollen collection system. Turn it on for part of the day and shut it off for the other part. Straightforward design and is dvery easy to use. 

    $87.00 Regular Price
    $79.99Sale Price
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