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ProtectaBEE Honey Bee Hive Entrance Attachment

ProtectaBEE Hive Entrance Kit


Fits most 10 Frame Langstroth Bee Hives

Additional Inserts Sold separately; vented cone inserts, vent inserts, SwarmStopper (Queen Excluder)


Watch an interview with ProtectaBee that describes some of the wonderful features.


Have you got a beehive?

Our entrance is like a Swiss Army knife for your bees—


2023 world silver medalist in beekeeping innovation and your all-season guard.


It fends off Yellowjackets, prevents some air drafting, protects the entrance of rain, and lets you sneak in feed and probiotics without cracking open the hive.


Need to quickly stop your hive from swarming or move your hive? The ProtectaBee 10-Frame Entrance is perfect for .


ProtectaBEE™ simplifies beekeeping with an adjustable entrance that keeps out wasps, hornets, mice, robbing bees, skunks, and other predators.


With over 13 different uses - you'll be beekeeping easier than ever before, and your bees will thank you! 


What does it do?

  • Keeps out hornets, Yellowjackets, skunks, mice, and robbing bees!


  • 2 different-sized entrance reducers - that fit perfectly, won't warp and are super easy to take on and off without having to pry up the hive


  • You can use it to feed the hive without ever opening it up, which is great in the Winter.


  • Let the bees do the work, and use bee vectoring to deliver medications and supplements


  • Stop swarms with our SwarmStopper insert


  • No more wet or hot landing boards, this patio cover is perfect for your girls


  • Windy area? The bees are protected with the large covered landing board


  • Hive beetles? We don't know if it keeps them out yet - but you can add DE and monitor with our hive beetle monitor (there's a little trap door for monitoring for beetles)


  • Moving the bees? Use the solid or vented inserts as soon as everyone is home


  • Pesticide spraying nearby or using an Oxalic Acid vaporizer - close her down


  • Mowing or weed whacking, simply turn the cones inward and slow down those guards


  • The extra large landing board allows for cooling of the hive while protected from overhead predators


If you are not ready to upgrade your entire hive this would be a great addition and will help increase your colonies health, which will save you money on each colony. 


*Fits 7 Frame Flow® Hives 

Installation Instructions


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