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Swarm Stopper Queen Excluder inserts for Beehive Entrance ProtectaBEE

ProtectaBEE Swarm Stopper- 10-Frame (2 Pack)

SKU: BFB_SwarmStopper_10-Frame

The ProtectaBEE® SwarmStopper insert temporarily keeps swarms in, allowing worker bees to leave and enter the hive while preventing the queen from leaving.

Great for:

  • You’ve caught a swarm with a mated queen and want to ensure they stay inside for a few days!

  • You find queen cells but don’t have extra equipment on site for a split. Give yourself extra time to get it all together! 

Note it will only keep in a mated queen - not virgin queens! And sometimes mated queens will slim down for swarming - so there’s still a chance she could get through! 

Remember, you will still need the ORIGINAL ProtectaBEE®, which is SOLD SEPARATELY HERE. 

3D printed with PLA, a corn-based plastic in Canada.

Includes 2 inserts.

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