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Vented Cone inserts for Beehive Entrance ProtectaBEE

ProtectaBEE Vented Cone 10-Frame Add-on (2-Pack)

SKU: BFB_Vented-Cone_2-pack

The ProtectaBEE® vented cone insert is a brand-new addition to the 10-Frame ProtectaBEE.


Think of it as a little red bikini for the girls, just to cool them off when it's hot outside while protecting them from anyone who wants their honey!  


Great for:

Protection From Robbers:

  • The cones make it difficult for wasps/hornets/yellow jackets, and even bees from other hives to get in and out. 🐝

  • With 8 "doors" that can be easily protected, the bees can move in and out quickly while guarding more easily inside. 👮‍♀️

  • Moving the entrance away from the food source makes it less "smelly" for robbers. 🍯

  • The red color ❌ cannot easily be seen by most insects and makes it difficult for even other bees that have not oriented themselves to the cones. (Don't worry, though; your girls will orient themselves in just a few put on early morning or once everyone else is home to make it easiest for them to learn how their new cone house works!)

Protected Cooling 🌬:

With an extra large landing board protected from predators above, even more bees can fan at the entrance!  No worries about diving wasps, birds, or dragonflies while keeping the hive cool.

Bee Vectoring:

Bee vectoring allows you to add a powder to the "in" side and have the bees deliver products inside the hive without disturbing them.  

Currently, we use Super-DFM Honeybee probiotics (sold here).


Available soon will be other powdered products for bee vectoring! 

Keep in mind you still will need the ORIGINAL ProtectaBEE®, SOLD SEPARATELY HERE. 

3D printed with PLA, a corn-based plastic in Canada.

Includes two vented-cone inserts for one hive.



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