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Shop Our MN & WI Beekeeping Services and Products

As beekeepers, we offer local beekeeping services and if you do not see a specific service below, contact us for more details on other customized services. 

MN & WI Honey-

We sell all of our honey products on our Raw Honey page. All of our raw honey is made from our hives and we use NO TREATMENTS and focus on long-term fixes by breeding only queens that can manage their hives without a beekeeper's intervention with chemicals. On top of that, we place our hives in very specific areas that offer lots of natural forage and this is why we think our honey is the best. 

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Beekeeping Services

We offer most of our services throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, so if you are looking for the services of a beekeeper, whether that is for pollinating your crops, swarm removal, or looking to host a beehive, we can help you out. Check out our beekeeping products or feel free to contact us with your questions or requests. 

Live Bees and Queens

We sell VSH Hygenic bees we have bred on our apiaries and are now offering these queens for sale anywhere in the United States. We will also sell package bees for local pickup and near-state delivery as well as Nuc pickup in River Falls, WI.

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