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Queen Bees for Sale

We offer queen bees for sale from our northern hardy stock that is transitioning to a full VSH (Varroa Sensitive Hygiene) line of virgin queens and mated queens. We started out the program this year (2022) and expect to have a full level 4 VSH Score stock by 2024.  We are offering our queens in 3 stages for each year and progress towards a full operation at a level 3 and 4 VSH score. 

VSH queen bees for sale

Varroa Sensitive Hygiene

As the cornerstone of any VSH hive is a queen that possesses the genes that lays the worker egg that performs cell opening on varroa-infested cells. This is rated in 4 levels. Level 4 VSH represents a 0% reproductive allowance of the varroa mite. 

Honey Producers

Honey producing VSH queens with gentle deminer is quickly followed characteristics by honey-producing fools. Not everyone is after lots of honey, but as a commercial and sideliner producer, honey production is critical. 

Brood Patterns

Brood patterns are not only a sign of a quality queen, good brood patterns make for a much more productive hive and colony. Our stage one VSH queens are primarily selected for this trait and we select hives with not only large, quick building brood nest but, tight patterns located together

Gentle Characteristics 

It's not much fun digging into a hive with mean bees. So second on our list is queen bees for sale that are gentle. This makes going into the hive much easier and more enjoyable. 

Cold-Climate Survivability 

Our bees do well in just about all climates that we ship to, but they also do well in the cold climates. Overwintered bees bring a huge benefit to Spring time buildup. Many of the online sellers of queen bees are producing bees in warm climates. 


Other sellers of queens for sale online are often low-quality queens bred at volume and we have first-hand experience with some of these low-grade queens. They do not last a season and have other issues. At Kinnickinnic Bees, we use all the measuring qualities mentioned above and sell queens from only our top-performing hives.

VSH Queen Quality

Our Plan in Breeding VSH Queens

Queen bee flower forage
Mike James Beekeeper

Mike James, Head Beekeeper

" We are in the process of a 3-year transformation and path to a level 4 VSH apiary in all of our beehives. Starting in 2022 we will be selling our stage 1 queens, which we anticipate to start to have good VSH qualities. So whether you treat or not, our bees will be a good genetic choice."

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