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Our 3 lb package Italian honey bees are from multiple producers to help with diverse genetics that focus on hygienic behavior, gentle temperment, and good honey producers. Available the first part of April- weather dependent for beekeepers in MN and WI. 


Pickup Location will be in the River Falls, WI. Further details on the exact location and procedures will be disclosed prior to pickup. 


Italian Honey Bee

Named after its location of origin, the Italian honey be or Apis M. Liguistica is thought to originate from a region South of the Alps, and North of Sicily in Italy.


Italian Honey Bee Behavior

The Italian bee is the most popular and widely used for commercial and backyard beekeeping. This sub species of Apis Mellifera is popular due to its adaptability and general workability.


In the book Breeding the HoneyBee- it states:

“From the commercial and breeding point of view the value of the Liguistica lies in a happy synthesis of a great number of good characteristics. Among these we must mention industry, gentleness, fertility, reluctance to swarm, zeal for building comb, white honey-capping, a willingness to enter supers, cleanliness, resistance to disease, and the tendency to collect flower honey rather than honey dew.”


The Italian honey bee is also very selective in its nectar sources when able and are good at ripening nectar into honey over some of the other sub species.


Advantages of Italian Honey Bees

  • The bees are good at ripening nectar into honey and demonstrate high sucrose responsiveness.

  • They typically do not use much propolis when compared to sub species such as the Caucasian honey bee sub species.

  • Honey capping is white, which is preferred among beekeepers that sell raw honey comb.

  • Because beekeepers have a higher preference for the Italian, availability of queens and bees are good, with lower costs than some of the other sub species.

  • Do not have as high of a swarming tendency as other sub species.

  • Good wintering ability.

  • Will build up fast in the Spring.

  • Known as a fairly gentle honey bee breed and good for moderate to new beekeepers.

  • Has a fairly good disease resistant or known to demonstrate fairly good hygienic behaviors.

  • Range of foraging distance is smaller vs. Carnica (better for single sourcing raw honey).


Disadvantages of the Italian Honey Bee

  • Will go through a lot of winter stores.

  • Has a tendency to have a looser winter cluster. They perform better in insulated bee hives.

  • The Italian honey bee is more prone to drifting and robbing.

  • Does not demonstrate good synchronous brood patterning to nectar flow.

  • Takes longer to build up Spring colony population vs. other sub species. Could be a disadvantage over sub species like Carneolan.

  • Range of foraging distance is smaller vs. Carnica (worse for local nectar dearths).

Italian Honey Bee 3 lb Packages

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