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Vented inserts for Beehive Entrance ProtectaBEE

Vented insert for the 10-Frame ProtectaBEE Entrance (2 Pack)

SKU: BFB_Vent-Insert_ProtectaBEE

ProtectaBEE® vented inserts can be used when MOVING a hive or adding venting to one-half of the ProtectaBEE™ when combined with an entrance reducer or no insert.

Allows for airflow into the hive while preventing any bees from leaving through the ProtectaBEE® when used with two vented inserts.

Fits 10-Frame ProtectaBEE®.

Remember you will still need the ORIGINAL ProtectaBEE®, SOLD SEPARATELY HERE

3D printed with PLA, a corn-based plastic in Canada.

Includes 2 inserts.

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